On display as part of the Monet and Friends exhibit at The Lume Melbourne. Exhibition opens October 26th 2022. Runs for 8 months.

See link below for details:




Collaboration with Bjork visual bird sounds integrated with concert design. This one was filmed in Denmark.



Graphics created for Chaos Group conference in Bulgaria 2018 along with a presentation I did about my artwork.

Bassano Del Grappa VIDEO INSTALLATION. 2018

Art installation in 17th century church in Italy 2018, along with artist presentation.



Rainbow Serpent Festival

Evolve Gallery | Australia |  26 - 29 Jan 2018

The visionary wonderland within the Evolve Gallery offers an inspiring showcase of visual art in various forms from some of the world’s most innovative and thought-provoking artists.

Become enchanted with imaginations laid out on canvas, inviting the observer into the artists’ unique perspectives. Open throughout the festival weekend, the gallery features large and small scale original pieces available to purchase and live paintings from conception to final artefact.




Render Animated Hybridizations | Peru | 18 Aug - 5 Nov 2017
The cross between formats and techniques generate new processes to conceive the image in movement, RENDER bets on projects that involve animation and technical hybridization; not only in its conception but also in its language, integrating proposals that go beyond the traditional animation. The works that make up this exhibition explore this question and reflect on our presence as analogous beings within a new digital nature, highlighting the influence of technology for the creative process and execution in this new generation animated projects.


Ozora Festival 2016

Andy Thomas artwork at the amazing Ozora Festival in Hungary 2016




Dragon Dreaming Festival

Art Gallery | Australia | 3 - 6 Nov 2017

Enter the mind and imagination of the Dragon for three days in November in witness of a most beautiful festival! Dragon Dreaming takes pride in nurturing local artists, live bands and DJs while providing an environment suitable for families and children of all ages. Dragon Dreaming Festival is approaching its ninth year and intend leaving all attendees feeling satisfied, fresh and inspired. The Funky Beats: Dragon Dreaming Festival admits to getting down to a wide variety of musical tastes and we will present a carefully selected line up ranging from live bands, gypsy, dub, tribal rhythms, psytrance, breaks, dubstep, glitch, progressive, ambient, house, reggae and the list journeys on...


Nucleus | Noorderlicht 

Nucleus Imagining Science | Netherlands | 22 Oct to 26 Nov 17 

NUCLEUS is the title of the Noorderlicht 2017 International Photography Festival. This 24th edition is about science and the representation of it by photographers and artists. Artists often ask themselves the same questions as scientists and share many of the same principles: originality, creativity and an open mind. In NUCLEUS the two disciplines will enter into a dialogue with one another: science is a subject in the festival as well as a source of inspiration. the 24th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival will take place. During ‘NUCLEUS, imagining science’ work of 74 photographers from 26 countries can be seen at seven locations in Groningen, Eelde and Assen. 



Encircling the World: Contemporary Art, Science, and the Sublime 

MassArt Bakalar & Paine Galleries | USA | 19 Sept to 3 Dec 2016 

“I am enough of the artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” - Albert Einstein



Audio Visual sound responsive Animations

Wolverhampton Art Gallery | UK | 23 July to 4 Sept 2016




Hyper Nature

Benin Art Gallery | Israel | 23 June 2016

Animated visual sound experimental art.