Bird Sounds

I have long had a fascination of birds and bird sounds. I see the sounds in my imagination as moving colorful forms. I have many more of these animations to upload to the site, so stay tuned for weekly updates.



These are abstract interpretations of bird sound recordings from my trip to the Amazon in 2016. This series is dedicated to the people of Brazil and the ecosystem of one of the worlds most amazing forests. The Amazon is know as the lungs of the world and is under constant and on going threats of deforestation. These are complicated issues that require compassion on all sides. As an artist I feel my roll is to be a voice of inspiration about the beauty of nature with an unconventional approach. Computer generated artwork can still have a connection with the natural world and I hope this is one example of that.
Andy T 2020






The First Installment of "Visual Sounds of the Amazon"
Last year I took my artwork to the next level by travelling to the Amazon rain forest to collect the sights and sounds of one of the worlds most amazing jungles, with the hope of spreading awareness about its plight. The first installment will be screening at "Render" festival Lima Peru.

Sounds recorded by Andy Thomas and Reynier Omena Junior in and around Presidente Figueiredo - State of Amazonas Brazil in 2016. Many thanks to Ricardo Queiroz and Reynier Omena Junior for support and logistics.
I see sounds as moving shapes and colours in my imagination. Bringing these to life is the challenging part. There are many countless hours drawing sketches and testing particle effects. Some of the results are more refined and closely match my imagination than others.










Australian artist Andy Thomas specializes in creating ‘audio life forms’: beautiful abstract shapes that react to sounds. In this animated short, he visualizes two recorded bird sounds from the archives of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision ( in Hilversum.

The Nightingale & Canary video was produced to inspire creative industries professionals to submit their own projects to a Europe-wide re-use competition, organised by the Europeana Creative project []. All submitted projects make use of archival material available via Europeana (, Europe's gateway to digitized cultural heritage.

The video is part of Sound Connections (, one of 5 pilots developed within the Europeana Creative project (

This video was made possible with co-funding from the European Union, through the ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme




Recorded Olinda 2013





Recorded New Zealand 2015




Recorded New Zealand 2015